Massage enhances the body’s natural healing process & immune system. Good health is feeling alive, happy, relaxed & balanced.

Swedish Massage

This classic relaxing massage will improve circulation, relieve muscle tension and leave you with the feeling of well being
Spa Hour… $75
85 minutes… $120
Series of 3 (1 hour)… $195                                                                                                                                                            Series of 3 (85 minutes)….$330

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep muscle body work. Targets pain & spasm. Recommended for those who want firmer pressure
Spa Hour…$85
85…minutes $135                                                                                                                                                                           Series of 3 (1 hour)…$240                                                                                                                                                            Series of 3 (85 minutes)…….$390

Coastal Massage

Your choice of Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage with a back Stone Massage and Sugar Back Scrub, removed with warm towels.

Swedish….$90  Deep Tissue….$100


Couples Massage

For any two people who wish to share the relaxing and soothing benefits of massage together in our couples suite.
Priced according to service


Sports Massage

Combination of massage & stretching, focusing on specific muscle groups to aid in joint mobility & range of motion.
Spa Hour…$85
85 minutes…$130                                                                                                                                                                       Series of 3 (1hour)…$240                                                                                                                                                        Series of 3 (85 minutes)….$390

Bamboo Massage

Warm oiled bamboo sticks – rolling, sliding, & massaging your muscles, inspiring the most relaxed state.
Spa Hour…$85

Coastal Hot Stone Massage

Heated lava stones are massaged into the body to ease tense muscles, sore joints and everyday stress. Flow into a state of tranquility
Spa Hour…$85
85 minutes…$130
Series of 3 Hot Stone Massage (1 hour)…$240                                                                                                                     Deep Tissue, add $10 per service

Prenatal Massage

Designed specifically for the expectant mother. This massage relieves backache, tension, sciatica, fatigue, and swelling associated with pregnancy.
Spa Hour…$80
Series of 3 …$225

All series valid for 6 months, cannot be divided into gift certificates. Not valid with Spa Finder

Aroma Massage

A fusion of essential oils and Swedish massage. Your choice relaxing or invigorating.
Spa Hour Swedish…$90                                                                                                                                                           Deep Tissue….$100


Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage that uses techniques practiced for 2,500 years. Yoga inspired stretching, joint mobility, energy work and acupressure interwoven to nourish your body and ease you into a deep balanced state of relaxation.
85 minutes…. $160
(Wear comfortable clothing)


Herbal Poultice

Heated, scented herbal balls are massaged into the body to relax muscles, ease tension, and detoxify.
Spa Hour….$115



A gentle soft touch therapy. Enhances the immune system, facilitates detoxification.

1/2 hour Cranio-Sacral & 1/2 hour massage combination
1 hour full Cranio-Sacral…$85

Lomi Lomi

Derived from the Hawaiian Islands, This massage brings the “Spirit of Aloha” to this rhythmical experience
Spa Hour…$80



Energy work.
Spa Hour…$80

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A gentle laying on of hands to bring energy into the body. Benefits include relaxation, stress reduction, emotional and physical healing.
Spa Hour…$80
85 minutes…$130

Massage Add Ons During Treatment

Body Scrub…1/2 Hour $50
Aroma Therapy….$10   Sinus &  Scalp Refresher……$10